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Note History

How to enable note version history#

To enable Note History, sign up for Extended, then:

  1. In the Extensions menu, install and open CloudLink.
  2. In the Note History box, click Install.

Note History is now configured. To view the revision history of a note:

  1. With the note selected, click Actions in the menu bar under the note's title.
  2. Find the Note History section. Your revisions will be listed here.
  3. Select a revision, then choose to preview it, or restore to it.

If you are using an older versions of the web and desktop app (for example, versions before v3.5), then the preview might not display your note properly if your Default Editor is not the Plain Editor.

You can set the default editor as the Plain editor by clicking the Editor dropdown menu and clicking Undefault next to your default editor.

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