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Mobile Themes#

Once you've signed up for Extended, please follow the instructions "How do I install extensions once I've signed up for Extended?". Extensions, including themes and editors, are installed via the web or desktop application. Once installed, they will automatically appear on mobile.

Themes on mobile are found in the menu at the top left of your screen after opening the app. You can choose which themes to activate when you switch between Light and Dark modes in your mobile device's system preferences. To do this, press and hold the name of a theme and tap "Set as Light Theme" or "Set as Dark Theme". If you press and hold the name of the theme again, it will say "Current Light Theme" or "Current Dark Theme".

If a theme is not loading or you want to re-install the latest version of the theme, press and hold the name of the theme and tap "Redownload". Then, tap the name of the theme again to activate it.

Quick Actions#

When viewing a list of notes, press and hold a note to bring up quick actions: Pin, Archive, Lock, Protect, and Move to Trash.

Currently not available#

These features of the web and desktop apps are not available on mobile:

  • Publishing blogs on Listed
  • In-note or same-page HTML links (such as from Table of Contents or Footnotes)


The application passcode encrypts your data on-device, but the biometric lock does not. The biometric lock is meant to further prevent people who know your application passcode from un-locking your notes.

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