General Usage

Keyboard Shortcuts#


UndoCtrl + ZโŒ˜ + Z
RedoCtrl + YโŒ˜ + Y
CutCtrl + XโŒ˜ + X
CopyCtrl + CโŒ˜ + C
PasteCtrl + VโŒ˜ + V
Paste and Match Style*Ctrl + Shift + VโŒ˜ + Shift + V
Select AllCtrl + AโŒ˜ + A
Jump to the beginning of the noteCtrl + HomeโŒ˜ + Home or โŒ˜ + Up
Jump to the end of the noteCtrl + EndโŒ˜ + End or โŒ˜ + Down

*Paste and Match Style only works with Rich Text Editors such as the Bold and Plus editors


ReloadCtrl + RโŒ˜ + R
Toggle Developer ToolsCtrl + Shift + IโŒ˜ + Shift + I
Actual SizeCtrl + 0โŒ˜ + 0
Zoom InCtrl + Shift + + (plus)โŒ˜ + Shift + + (plus)
Zoom OutCtrl + - (minus)โŒ˜ + - (minus)
Toggle Full ScreenF11F11
Hide Menu Bar*Alt + MAlt + M

*The Hide Menu Bar shortcut is available only when not using the Themed Menu Bar (window decoration). To toggle the Themed Menu Bar on Windows and Linux, visit โ˜ฐ > View > Themed Menu Bar.


MinimizeCtrl + MโŒ˜ + M
CloseCtrl + WโŒ˜ + W


These keyboard shortcuts have not been implemented but are reserved for future use. Developers who are interested in implementing keyboard shortcuts for their extensions should avoid using these shortcuts.

  • Ctrl/โŒ˜ + T
  • Ctrl/โŒ˜ + Shift + F
  • Ctrl/โŒ˜ + Shift + L

Mobile Themes#

The mobile app will download a theme once and cache it indefinitely. To update or refresh a custom theme, you can press and hold on the theme name in the list and re-download it from the server.

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