Intro to Standard File

Standard File is a sync and encryption library for web and native applications. It allows developers to focus on building great user-facing applications, and leaves the syncing, servers, and end-to-end encryption to our framework.

To build a quality application, most app developers today have to implement not only their own front-end clients, but also a backend architecture to handle model storage for their specific schema. With the growing trend of 'experimental' and 'single-use' applications, it becomes impractical to build a new server infrastructure for every application.

Standard File is a reusable client and server system that allows you to deploy a "dumb" backend server that doesn't know or care about your data schema, and allows you to encrypt data on the client-side and sync it with the remote server.

Standard File makes use of progressions in consumer device performance and capacity to enable end-to-end encryption on every platform. One can build any sort of secure and private application with a Standard File server, such as an encrypted notes app like Standard Notes, or any sort of todo or personal data app.

Protocol Specification

Please visit for the full specification, or check out the official Ruby implementation.

Next Steps

Check out the client development guide for a practical guide to developing an application on top of Standard File.

See Standard Notes Developer Resources.

Join the Slack group to discuss implementation details and ask any questions you may have.

You can also email

Follow @standardnotes for updates and announcements.