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Managing options

Disable new user registrations#

  1. Set the DISABLE_USER_REGISTRATION environment variable to true
  2. Restart the syncing-server

Admin API#

Authenticating requests#

  1. Set the ADMIN_IPS environment variable with a list of IPs of the authorized machines that can access the Admin API.
  2. Set the ADMIN_KEY environment variable. This should be a secret key only known by you.


To use the API, just make a request from an authorized IP address defined in the ADMIN_IPS list. You also need to pass the ADMIN_KEY value in every request into the admin_key parameter.


POST /admin/delete_account?admin_key=theadminkey&

Available actions#

Below is a list of endpoints that are available withing the Admin API:

MethodURLParamsDescriptionSuccessful response code
POST/admin/delete_accountemailDeletes an account with the specified email200
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