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How to email subscribers to your Listed blog

Email Subscribers#

Each Listed blog comes with a feature that allows readers to subscribe to your Listed blog. This feature helps subscribers stay up-to-date with your blog and lets you send posts directly to their inboxes. To send an email of your post to your subscribers, first publish your post, then click Email Subscribers in the same menu. Your subscribers will receive a copy of your published post with a link to the post on your blog.

Replies and Notifications#

In the settings, you can set an email address for your Listed blog. The email that you set must be verified. After the email is verified, it is used as the reply-to email for your newsletters, and it receives an email notification when you have a new subscriber. To disable this feature, leave the Email box empty.

Disable Subscribers#

If you do not want to use the subscription and newsletter features on your Listed blog, open the settings for your blog, go to the General section, click Disable email subscription and newsletter, and click Save changes. Disabling email subscription and newsletter will remove the "Subscribe" button from the header of your blog and the "Email Subscribers" button from the Listed menu in your Standard Notes application.


The Email Subscribers feature does not currently offer a way to extensively customize the formatting, branding, or appearance of your newsletter. The post on your Listed blog may have custom in-line CSS, but potentially dangerous HTML, such as <styles> or <script>, is removed from newsletters for security reasons. The feature also does not offer a way to track who your subscribers are or how often they open your newsletters.

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