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Listed Blog Settings


The link to the Settings for your Listed blog is accessible only in the Standard Notes web or desktop applications.

How do I manage my blog settings, like username and custom domain?#

To manage the settings for your Listed blog, sign in to the Standard Notes web or desktop application, open any note, click Actions under the title of the note, and click Settings.

Here is a gif on how to find the Settings: How to find the settings


In the Settings, you can:

  • Choose a username your blog Username
  • Change your Display name (the name of your blog)
  • Update your Bio
  • Add a link to your website
  • Add a link to your Twitter account
  • Add an email - Allows subscribers to reply to your posts, as well as notifies you when someone subscribes to your blog
  • Add a Meta image URL - The image that will be used when generating link previews in Twitter, Slack, Facebook, and other social media
  • Add a Header image URL - The image that will be displayed on top of your blog page (below the description)

You can also choose to disable the guestbook, disable email subscription and newsletter, and hide your blog from the "Listed authors" section of the homepage.

After you configure your username settings, your blog will be available at:


There are built-in options for customizing the appearance of your Listed blog:

  • Cover Style: Default and Condensed.
  • Blog Layout Style: Default and Cards.

You can also choose to enable custom CSS. Please follow the instructions on how to customize the appearance of your blog with custom CSS.

My Posts#

In the My posts section of the Settings, you will see a list of all your published posts. For each post, you can toggle whether they are public or private. You can also delete it from your Listed blog. Deleting a post from Listed will not affect its source note in your Standard Notes account.

Custom domain#

Custom domains are available for Standard Notes Extended members with an active one year or five year plan. Domains include an HTTPS certificate, and require only a simple DNS record on your end.

Before submitting a custom domain, please create an "A" record with your DNS provider with value

Extended members can have multiple blogs with custom domains.

Payment details#

Listed allows authors to receive tips and donations in a platform-agnostic way. Readers can pay authors by clicking the 'Thank' option on the author profile. This will display the various ways you have indicated you can receive payments.

Once a reader sends you a tip or donation, they are advised, but not required to, fill out your guestbook to notify you that they have made a payment.

You can add any custom payment "credential". For example, you can specify a key of "Bitcoin", and the value will be your BTC address. Or, you can specify a key of "PayPal", and the value will be your PayPal payment link.

Delete blog#

You can delete your Listed blog and all accompanying data including all your posts. Please note that deleting your Listed blog will not affect any of the source notes in your Standard Notes account.

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