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How to publish to your Listed blog


Publishing is currently available only in the Standard Notes web or desktop applications.


You can publish any note you've written. You might also want to create a tag in Standard Notes called blog and keep your blog notes in there. It's up to you! Publishing content is easy:

  1. Open the note that you want to publish.
  2. Under the note's title, click Actions.
  3. There are two ways to publish your note:
    1. Click Publish to Blog to immediately publish a decrypted copy of your note to the main page of your blog.
    2. Click Publish to Private Link to immediately publish a decrypted copy of your note to a private link.

Here is a gif of how to publish to Listed: How to publish to Listed

Each note can be published to only one Listed blog at a time. If you publish your note to one Listed blog and decide that you want to publish it to a different Listed blog, delete the post in the Settings for your first Listed blog and publish the post to your second blog.

Updating a Published Post#

To update the published post, edit the note with your preferred editor, click Actions again, and click Update Published Post.


To unpublish a post, click Actions and click Unpublish.

Email Subscribers#

To send an email newsletter to your subscribers with a copy of your post, click Actions, and click Email Subscribers. Please note that emailing subscribers is available only in the web and desktop applications.

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