Standard Notes is built on the core principle of simplicity, in hopes of optimizing for longevity. This requires a different sort of thinking and architecture. Today it has become too easy to incorporate new features into your application, and so developers are fooled into thinking they can add a powerful new feature with just a few lines of code. The trouble really arises when it comes to maintenance of the feature, and how it interacts with the rest of your application.

Rather than couple tightly all of the cool things we wish to do with Standard Notes into the core application, we chose to design Standard Notes to be thoroughly extensible. This allows us to experiment with new features without polluting the core application and threatening its stability and survivability.

The Extensions model is also our main fundraising method, and allows us to to offer our core privacy experience at no cost, while sustaining future development by offering advanced features through our Extended program.

Most of our extensions are open-source and available for self-hosting. You can also learn to develop your own extensions. However, we encourage you to support the sustainability and future development of this project by purchasing a subscription.

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