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Frequently Asked Questions about Standard Notes Extended


How do I manage/modify my Extended subscription?#

Sign in to your Extended dashboard to manage your subscription.

How can I add more time to my subscription?#

To extend your subscription with more time:

  1. Sign in to the Extended dashboard.
  2. Under your subscription status, choose Extend Subscription.
  3. Select your desired term and complete checkout.

Does Standard Notes offer a lifetime subscription?#

While we would like to model our business on forecastable methods, and prefer not to offer something we can't fully comprehend the magnitude of, there are some users who would like to avoid a recurring subscription, and would prefer a one-time payment instead.

Rather than turn away users who are just as passionate about improving their notes life as we are, we'd like to offer a solution that reduces the risk for us, but also accommodates the long-term user.

The 5-Year Plan is our take on a sustainable long-term plan, which offers a one-time payment at long apart intervals, such that you can enjoy our service for many years to come without thinking in terms of annual renewal.

Join the 5-year plan.

My extensions appear as expired, even though my subscription is still valid.#

If your dashboard indicates that your subscription is valid, but the app indicates otherwise, please perform the following steps to reset your Extended repository:

Option 1: Reload your subscription status#

  1. Using the web or desktop application, click Extensions in the lower left corner.
  2. Press Refresh next to where it states your valid until date.
  3. Wait a few seconds, then, attempt to reload the extensions in question. If the issue is appearing on iOS or Android, pull to refresh in your main list of notes to pull in the latest data, then attempt to reload your editors.

If the above doesn't work, you might be using extensions from an older or invalid subscription.

Option 2: Force reset#

  1. Using the web or desktop application, click Extensions in the lower left corner.
  2. Scroll to Repository, then press Options.
  3. Click Delete and confirm.
  4. Uninstall any installed extensions. You will re-install them after you add your new code.
  5. Scroll to the top, and re-enter your Extended code. You can retrieve this code via the confirmation email we sent you during your purchase, or via

I just renewed my subscription, but my renewal date above looks incorrect?#

Payments typically take a few seconds to process, but can take minutes in some cases. Please refresh this page to see the most up to date information.

Is there a free trial available for Extended?#

We don't have a trial system for Extended. However, if after purchasing Extended your are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we're happy to issue a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, with no questions asked.

What is the refund policy on Standard Notes Extended?#

We want to make purchasing Extended the easiest decision you'll make all year.

We offer 100% refunds on any plan within 30 days of your purchase date. If you try Extended and conclude that it's not for you, simply let us know.

Note that the only exception to this policy is if you pay with cryptocurrency, due to the inherent technical limitations within that system.

What is Standard Notes' sale policy?#

We may hold sales on our subscription product from time to time, typically once per year. We've learned that sales are a useful tool to include users who may not be able to afford the product at its normal price.

Users who purchase the product at normal pricing gain access to the product at a guaranteed price, and at a guaranteed date. Users who hold out for a sale, on the other hand, gain access to the product at an unknown price, and at an unknown date. For this reason, during sales events, we do not price adjust for users who may have purchased the product at normal pricing.

The exception to this is if you purchased at a non-discounted price within 30 days prior to the sale, since technically, you can request a refund, and then purchase at the discounted price.

What if I can't afford the price of Extended?#

Standard Notes Extended can help users achieve higher efficiency and better quality work through the range of tools offered. However, we realize that excluding those who can't currently afford the price we deem sustainable can lead to a sort of "efficiency impoverishment" cycle, where those without the financial means to acquire best-in-class tools are locked in a place where they can't produce best-in-class work.

We don't want price to be an overall factor in your decision to use Standard Notes or not. If you are facing economic difficulty for any number of reasons, and find the price of Standard Notes Extended to be too high or out of range, please email us, and we'd be happy to work out a plan that works best for you. Include information about your economic circumstances, and why you'd need assistance in paying for Standard Notes.

If you're a student, be sure to check out our student discount program first.

Does Standard Notes offer a student discount?#

We offer students a 30% discount on the one-year and five-year plan. If you're a student looking to improve your in-school and studying productivity and take advantage of the full Standard Notes experience, please fill out the form below.

Student discount form โ†’

Will cancelling my subscription immediately terminate my Extended access?#

No, after cancelling your subscription, you'll still be able to access Extended for the term you already paid for.

What happens to my data when my subscription expires?#

An active subscription is required to access Extended features, such as editors, themes, and other extensions. When your subscription expires, these extensions will enter a read-only mode, so you can continue to see your data with the visual markup provided by the extensions, but not use the extensions themselves to modify data.

Because extensions are typically visual layers on top of your existing data, you can simply disable these extensions to go back to editing your data using plain means. For example, if you were using Markdown Pro to edit a note, this editor will enter a read-only state when your subscription expires. You can then simply choose the Plain Editor to edit your note as usual.

What about two-factor authentication?

As a courtesy, we keep two-factor authentication enabled for accounts even after their subscription expires, so long as a refund is not requested.

How can I get an invoice for my purchase?#

You can receive an invoice of your most recent payment directly through the Extended dashboard. Simply choose the option Email My Last Payment Invoice.

For invoices prior to your most recent payment, please email from your account email, and include any additional information you'd like added to the invoice under 'Additional Information', such as an address or a VAT ID.

Why was I not requested to set up a password for Extended?#

Your Extended account is completely separate from your notes account. Extended uses an email based authentication system. When you want to sign in, simply visit and enter your email in the right-hand column. You will receive a login link directly to your email.

We designed it this way to keep a separation of concerns between the "business" and the "product", and also to make sure you don't accidentally use your notes password for your Extended account.

Get help any time by visiting our help page, or by emailing us directly at

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